Dr. Chin-Wei Huang 17th chairperson

Thank you for all the support and expectations of all the members. I am honored to serve as the President of the 17th Taiwan Epilepsy Society. 


Established in 1990, under the dedicated leadership of the chairman, combined with the wisdom and experience of past directors and supervisors, as well as the participation and efforts of our members, the Taiwan Epilepsy Society has been growing and flourishing. It has become an important member of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).


In the past three years, the world has experienced a pandemic, which has necessitated many adjustments and changes in various fields, including epilepsy treatment, education, and research. As the pandemic situation is gradually improving, we are ready to embrace the new era of post-pandemic health. We will continue to move forward and accomplish the important tasks ahead.


Internationally, we will continue to publish the activities and achievements of the Taiwan Epilepsy Society in the ILAE and relevant international platforms. We will actively seek to co-organize international conferences. In the future, we will also make efforts to maintain positive interaction between the Taiwan Epilepsy Society and mainland China, promoting and facilitating research and development in the field of epilepsy on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.


In terms of research, we will encourage senior members in Taiwan to guide the younger generation to engage in clinical epilepsy treatment and research. We will also learn from the research and experiences in the field of epilepsy from various countries and proactively plan and revise relevant incentive measures and strive to secure more research resources.


In clinical healthcare, we have previously gathered the efforts of many senior physicians in the field of epilepsy to jointly edit and publish epilepsy guidelines, which have been widely applied and well-received by colleagues in various fields. In the future, we will continue to update guidelines for adult epilepsy, pediatric epilepsy, and electroencephalography, providing uninterrupted access to the latest medical knowledge for everyone's reference.


Regarding epilepsy and EEG education, we will continue to conduct EEG teaching and organize related educational activities to support the certification of our physician members and technicians. We will also provide continuing education on epilepsy for the general public, including school administrators and nursing professionals. At the same time, from the standpoint of the Epilepsy Society, we will assist the general public in gaining a better understanding of epilepsy, eliminating the stigmatization of epilepsy in society, ensuring that epilepsy patients receive proper care during seizures, and promoting their educational and employment welfare.


Furthermore, the medical society will provide necessary consultation and assistance for relevant public and social issues, ensuring the smooth implementation of public issues and healthcare-related regulations. Through social media, we will efficiently convey timely and important messages from the medical society to each member.


As the responsible academic society for epilepsy in Taiwan, we will spare no effort to enhance the quality of clinical epilepsy treatment and care, and to implement academic education and research. We hope that in the future, more medical colleagues will join the field of epilepsy and strive for excellence in academic research, all levels of education, and clinical care. Together, we will provide better well-being for epilepsy patients, align with international standards, and let the world see Taiwan's dedication and progress in the field of epilepsy. Let us join hands and advance together.


Chin-Wei Huang, MD, PhD, CSCN Diplomate (EEG), FAES

17th President, Taiwan Epilepsy Society